January 02, 2007


For me getting up at four thirty this morning was a little hard to do

For a moment I tough that my day was going to be one of those when you wish you would never got out of bed.

One of my favorite fish that I have had for a while was dying and to my disappointing it was nothing I could do to save him, other than separated from the other fish to avoid been devour alive. Also and to make matters worse I had a flat tire.

Finally after taking care of the fish and tire I manage to head for work and when I pull in I was surprise to find my ride have not left because I was running late.

When we arrive this morning to the job site in Benton Harbor the whether was cold.

The project was to dig a trench to lay down gas pipes. The company rented a backhoe to do the excavation and my job was to measure the deepness of the dig and to relay this information to the operator. At the beginning it was hard for me because the cold was almost intolerable and I cold feel the cold numbing my toes, nose and all the sensitive parts of my body.

I was told to wear warm clothing but I made the mistake of under estimate this advice and I under prepare my self.

As the day progress and we did a great deal of work I chose to come back home rather than stay over night and this time come back more prepare.

Cold bytes and when it does it hurts.Frown

January 01, 2007


So here we got a brand new year label 2007. Let us hope this year will become more productive and all our wishes come true. So far I start a new job but unfortunately I have to drop my school. Some times in order to accomplish our goals we have to make some painful choices. This job requires traveling a lot and some times staying overnight.

The pay is not so great compare what other associates make, but since finding good jobs in this area is almost impossible to find. I can’t complain.

My plan is to save enough money to be able to attend school full time.

My first assignment will be in Benton Harbor (little town about hour and a half southwest from here).

May be with my extra free time I be able to accomplish my last year resolution I wasn’t able to fulfill. Write at least one paragraph a day.Undecided


December 29, 2006


Are you ready for some Party???... New Year’s Party it is!
It’s incredible how time flies when you are having fun.
I have to admit that at this point I’m still working in my new resolution for the new year since the old one didn’t work out very well.
Writing is a skill like any other skill. The more you do it the better you get. Well! That’s what my teacher on English 101 told me at least.
One piece of advice was to write at least one paragraph  a day and with time you will be able to sharpen this skill.  You see! Writing for me has never been my cup of tea. Well! Between job hunting , doing odd jobs, struggling with bills and school., writing a little sentence was a challenge led alone a complete paragraph.
Ever since I remember from elementary to high school I just to despise writhing. And as it turn out later in life  I learn that most of the pencil pushers are the ones who end up making most of the money with so little effort.
Now I’m back to the drawing board  and planning for my next new year’s resolution.
I think I should try to better my CREDIT,  and if that fails I just declare myself BANKRUPT.